Working with others to build a better world.

Where do our resources come from?

    Program ‘Check out for Children’.”

fundación oasis

This program promotes the contribution of one dollar per guest, when settling your account by registering your departure from Oasis Hotels. Foe every dollar that the guest voluntarily donates to this program “Check Out for Children”, Oasis Hotels & Resorts gives one extra dollar!

    Voluntary guest donations.

With collection boxes placed around the hotels, every Oasis guest has the opportunity to make a difference.

    Oasis Group voluntary donations.

The Oasis Hotels & Resorts hotel chain donates a percentage of its profits to the FOA.

    Voluntary employee support.

Oasis Hotels employees, aware of the problems in their communities, contribute to the cause by helping in-kind, making donations, and volunteering in activities that benefit the community and the Oasis Family.

    Recycling Program.

Creating awareness of good waste management through a waste separation program that achieves two different goals: Reducing the environmental impact of the hotel industry. Raising funds for FOA from recycled waste.

Would you like to donate?

The Oasis Foundation needs your support.

Either in kind, volunteering, or in cash, FOA is open to anyone wanting to be part of this great cause. Any contribution is welcome and will be much appreciated.