Leaving footprints for a new direction


Social context in Cancun

Just four decades ago, Cancun was a desert island that few knew of its existence. This city was completed in its basic structure in 1974, being conceived then as "the Mexican miracle, emerged from nothing". In the period from 1980 to 1990 the city showed a spectacular increase reaching a population growth rate of 17.58%. From these dates, Cancun underwent a brutal development in its tourist corridor, more hotels were erected and new attractions were established, resulting in an unusual expansion of its population and its tourist activity leading to an extraordinarily rapid transformation in its society. Today, it is a tourist destination of excellence internationally certified by the World Tourism Organization, being considered as the most important tourist center in the country.

The initiative arises

Throughout its years of hotel operation in Quintana Roo, Oasis Hotels & Resorts recognized the problems of this environment and assumed a participatory role to benefit society. For this reason, on April 30, 1998, Fundación Oasis A.C. under the legal form of a Civil Association as part of the Oasis social responsibility programs. An altruistic organization that would contribute to improve the social environment by channeling resources to local institutions that serve vulnerable sectors of the population, supporting social development programs linked mainly to education. Fundación Oasis (FOA), in its beginnings, was created as a second floor institution, that is, an organization that protects, unites and relates to other organizations with altruistic purposes, different Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) dedicated to attend certain sensitive needs of our community. In this guideline, FOA does not grant direct assistance to the beneficiary, since its perspective has been to influence through other institutions, to help society through them.

First steps

The diversity of sponsored activities, the growing number of requests for support and the need to account for and analyze the donated resources, motivated the development of specialized structures for these purposes. From 1999 to 2002, the Oasis Foundation carried out a program of academic, sports and artistic and literary expression scholarships.

Children and adolescents were supported in the following way:

45 Academic scholarships

45 Literary expression scholarships

2 Artistic expression scholarships

4 Athletic scholarships

Today, more than twenty years after its inception, the Oasis Foundation has the support

317 Support for the Changing Lives program

115 Cultural and Sports Scholarships within the "Cultural Center

51 University Scholarships

Evolution: innovation, adaptation and rebirth of the Oasis Fundation.

Oasis Hotels & Resorts adapt their social commitment to best serve changes that arise on both a local and national level, always remaining true to their core philosophy of helping those in need.

We have established partnerships with NGO's and academic institutions making it possible to reach common goals. Inside the Oasis family, programs have been developed to improve the quality of life of its employees through several supporting organizations.

FOA is an organization for social and community development, which has taken into account the sensitive issues affecting the community, to establish the following pillars on which it operates:

Oasis Hotels & Resorts Social Commitment

Within the Oasis Social Commitment, the foundation is located in the hotel pillar since Quintana Roo is a mainly tourist state that offers hospitality services, and since Oasis is a company within this industry, it it owes as much to the development of its community as to the growth of its capital human, thereby achieving QUALITY OF LIFE.

The six axes that govern the Oasis Foundation are Culture, Community, Disability, Education, Health and Ecological Footprint, thus fulfilling its Rationale: "Improve the quality of life of Oasis Hotels & collaborators Resorts and their community. "