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Art opens the possibilities for know the perspectives of those who, with their talent, express us more than your thoughts and emotions.

As Fundación Oasis we are proud to support diverse projects where local talents and nationals converge with a common goal: art as an end Social. From 2015 to 2018 the Foundation Oasis has received 31 artists for conform to the Permanent Program of Art and Culture with exhibitions of Painting, Photography and Literature in Pop Art Gallery of Oh! The Urban Oasis. Convinced that art is a factor of change in training of children, the Cultural Center Oasis Foundation offers classes free of Painting, Music, Theater, Circense, Reiclarte and Crossfit, to children of the Oasis collaborators. Encouraging the projects of the city, the 6th edition of the Festival International Music, Cultural Caravans, the Workshop of Wings and Roots of House of Culture as well as the Camerata de Cancún, they were also supported in this year, to continue with its objective cultural.

  • Permanent program of art and culture
  • Oasis fundación cultural center
  • International Cancún music festival
  • Editorial support

  • Work: Episodes of a future identity (Episodios de una identidad futura)
    Authors: Lorena Careaga Viliesid
  • Work: Water voices (Voces de agua)
    Authors: Olinda Ávila, Cecilia Carranza, Maribel Sierra y Lía Villava
  • Work: The surroundings of the rose (Los entornos de la rosa)
    Authors: Zita Finol
  • Work: “Cancun all inclusive (Cancún todo incluido)”
    Authors: Carlos Hurtado
  • Work: “Stanley sleeps tonight (Esta noche Stanley duerme)”
    Authors: Nicolás Durán
  • Work: “Visual chronical of jazz in Cancun (Crónica visual del jazz en Cancún)”
    Authors: Jaime Villegas
  • Work: “Cenotes, watermarks and light in the jungle (Cenotes, huellas de agua y luz en la selva)”
    Authors: Alfredo Medina
  • Work: “Cyber Orishas (Ciber Orishas)”
    Authors: José Antonio Callejo
  • Work: “Cancún Art 2006 – 2008”
    Authors: Antonio Zúñiga
  • Work: “Shimmer of tides (Destellos de mareas)”
    Authors: Miguel Ángel Meza
  • Work: “Mayan children, Creole teachers (Niños mayas, maestros criollos)”
    Authors: Martín Ramos
  • Work: “Isla Mujeres thorugh the ages (I) (Isla Mujeres a través del tiempo (I))”
    Authors: Fidel Villanueva Madrid
  • Cancún Symphony Orchestra
  • Tin solidarity
  • Crab crossing
  • "Creativity workshop with casa de la cultura

In order to improve the quality of life and spaces of our community, we have participated and created projects dedicated to this end. During 2017:

  • Delivery of 520 toys as part of the "Reyes Magos Oasis" program children of the "Padrinos de Leche" nutritional program, adding more than 2,000 since I started the program.
  • Donation of food on a daily basis to the community cafeteria "Huellas of Pan "being with 2018, four years of uninterrupted delivery of food for your children and seniors.
  • Delivery of sports uniforms for young people and children from the Casa de Temporary Assistance of the DIF of Benito Juárez
  • Donation of Motorcycles and Radiocommunication equipment to the H. Corps of Firefighters of Cancun.
  • Support to the Meliponas Project of the Selva Maya Foundation, perpetuating and enriching the ancestral tradition of pollinating the jungle with these bees natives
  • Painting of facades and walls of Av. Bonampak as 2nd part of the project "Heart of Fisherman".
  • Annual "Uniting Efforts" breakfast, bringing together more than 25 associations and civil organizations that our organization supports.
  • Athletes with a cause

Through the participation of athletic groups like ‘Sea Horses’ and ‘Runners’ in sporting events, we have been able to raise money to help support several local organizations. Some of these events included:

  • Cancun Marathon 2013
  • Ciudadanos por la Transparencia (CITRA) Race
  • AMMJE Race 2012 and 2013
  • 41km Trek Playa del Carmen Runners 2014
  • Ciudad de la Alegria Golf Tournament 2014

Thanks to the donations, we have been able to purchase:

  • Two stainless steel cookers for Huellas de Pan A.C.’s dining room.
  • Chairs and air conditioning unit for Casa Astra, ASTRA A.C.
  • New windows for Transformar Educando A.C.’s community center
  • Be a magician king, breakfast "joining efforts" and donations to firefighters of cancun
  • Collection centers

Dentro de las empresas de Oasis Hotels & Resorts se realiza un Centro de Acopio permanente gracias a la participación de los colaboradores que donan mensualmente diferentes artículos. Aunado a esta donación interna, la Universidad Tecnológica de Cancún, la Universidad del Caribe y la Universidad La Salle Cancún, se han sumado para difundir la participación ciudadana y la cultura del voluntariado dentro de su comunidad estudiantil, fortaleciendo así este programa que lleva a Ciudad de la Alegría todas las donaciones mensuales, principalmente a la casa hogar PAIPID, donde se atiende a niños y adultos con enfermedades terminales y SIDA.

Calendario 2014: Centro de Acopio

  • Changing lives
  • Catarac operation program
  • props in kind
  • Scholarships for children of collaborators and delivery of school supplies
  • Rally maya y visitas especiales
  • Breast cancer prevention campaign
  • Obesity prevention campaign
  • Disease prevention campaign
  • Eye prosthetics program through dif
Ecological Footprint
  • I love Cancún
  • Unit for the use of organic waste
  • Oasis green dots
  • Sea turtle program
  • Composter Oasis
  • Donation of plastic caps
  • Environmental commitment