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Oasis Foundation Philosophy

It all begins with oneself


To improve the quality of life of Oasis Hotels & Resorts employees and their community by planning, designing, operating, and evaluating programs aimed at addressing needs that meet the foundation's strategic axes, integrating other associations that share the causes and contribute to making them a reality.

To be a recognized Foundation in Quintana Roo, generating value within the Oasis chain, as well as expanding the range of its programs to have an impact on the community through alliances and collaboration networks with organizations that address social needs in the areas of Culture, Community, Disability, Education, Health, and Ecological Footprint.



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    Create a sense of belonging and pride in the Oasis Hotels & Resorts staff.

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    Operate programs and collaborations with other non-profit organizations.

  3. 3.

    Integrate cultural programs and collaborations with academic and research institutions.

  4. 4.

    Develop institutional capacities to support, manage, and evaluate the programs included in the Social Commitment strategies of Oasis Hotels & Resorts.

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    Promote citizen participation and volunteering.

Support Shafts

  • Disability
  • Ecological Footprint
  • Community
  • Education
  • Changing Lives
  • Culture
  • Health

Our Origins and Evolution

Leaving Footprints
Cancún 50 years ago

Social context in Cancun

Just four decades ago, Cancun was a deserted island that few knew existed. This city was completed in its basic structure in 1974, being conceived as the “Mexican miracle, arising from nothing”. In the period from 1980 to 1990, the city showed a spectacular increase, reaching a population growth rate of 17.58%. From these dates, Cancun experienced a brutal development in its tourist corridor, more hotels were erected and new attractions were established, leading to an unprecedented expansion of its population and its tourist activity, resulting in an extraordinarily rapid transformation of its society.

Today, it is an internationally renowned tourist destination certified as such by the World Tourism Organization, considered the most important tourist center in the country.

The initiative arises

Throughout its years of hotel operations in Quintana Roo, Oasis Hotels & Resorts recognized the problems of this environment and assumed a participatory role to benefit society.

For this reason, on April 30, 1998, Fundación Oasis A.C. was born under the legal form of a Civil Association as part of the social responsibility programs of Oasis. An altruistic organization that would contribute to improving the social environment by channeling resources to local institutions that serve vulnerable sectors of the population, supporting social development programs mainly linked to education.

Foundation Oasis (FOA), in its beginnings, was created as a second-floor institution, that is, an organization that protects, unites, and relates to other organizations for altruistic purposes, different Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) dedicated to addressing certain sensitive needs of our community. In this guideline, FOA does not provide direct assistance to the beneficiary, since its perspective has been to have an impact through other institutions, to help society through them.

Surge la iniciativa

OASIS HOTELS & RESORTS, cadena hotelera pionera, en 2023 es reconocida por CEMEFI como promotora de la responsabilidad social empresarial. Comprometidos con el desarrollo turístico y comunitario, la calidad de vida de nuestro capital humano es central en nuestra misión.

First Steps

The diversity of sponsored activities, the growing number of support requests, and the need to account for and analyze donated resources led to the development of specialized structures for these purposes. From 1999 to 2002, Fundación Oasis carried out a program of academic, sports, and artistic and literary expression scholarships for children and adolescents, as follows:

  • 4

    Academic Scholarships

  • 2

    Literary Expression Scholarships

  • 45

    Artistic Expression Scholarships

  • 45

    Sports Scholarships

Today, more than 20 years after its inception, Fundación Oasis has the following grants:

  • 374

    “Changing Lives” program support

  • 349

    Cultural and sports scholarships within the “Cultural Center”

  • 68

    University scholarships

Evolution: innovation,
adaptation and rebirth of Oasis Foundation.

Today, the reality of Mexico is different, and Oasis Hotels & Resorts is undergoing a transformation based on innovation and a rebranding of its image, integrating the Oasis Social Commitment as part of its philosophy.

Currently, partnerships have been established with NGOs and academic institutions to make projects possible with common objectives between these organizations. But primarily, within the Oasis family, programs have been developed to directly improve the quality of life of its employees through multiple forms of support.

FOA is a social and community development institution of the Oasis Hotels & Resorts hotel chain, which has taken into account the sensitive issues of the community to establish the following areas of action:

  • Cultura

  • Comunidad

  • Discapacidad

  • Educacion

  • Huella Ecologíca

  • Cambiando Vidas

  • Salud

Oasis Hotels & Resorts Social Commitment

Our Oasis Social Commitment is made up of three pillars, the foundation is situated in the hotel pillar since we are constituted in a tourist destination that offers hospitality services, and being Oasis a company within this industry, we are committed to both the development of the community as well as the growth of our human capital, seeking to generate an improvement in QUALITY OF LIFE. The axes for which the Oasis Foundation provides support are six and these are: Culture, Community, Disability, Education, Health, and Ecological Footprint, thus fulfilling its raison d'être: 'To improve the quality of life of the employees of Oasis Hotels & Resorts and their community.'

Oasis Social Commitment


Quality of Life


Ecological Footprint






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